Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy it! It's a compilation of photos, thoughts, sessions and ideas by me. Sometimes it may random, thoughtful, or just plain out there! But, that's me - scatter brained, crazy, random and a little just plain out there! :)

Seitzer Family Session

I absolutely LOVED photographing this family!  Talk about kids with personalities!  There facial expressions were so much fun to capture!  We all wished there was a little more snow, but CNY is ALWAYS unpredictable!


Exciting stuff!

The hubby as ordered all the parts needed for my backdrop stand!! Here we come mini sessions at our house!  Let me know if anyone is interested!

Oh, and stay posted – we’re going to have some good give aways coming up!!

Sneak Peak – Danielle and Michelle’s Family Session

Talk about beautiful sisters!!! These two wanted to surprise their mom with pictures for Christmas.  They braved the cold to get the perfect shots for their mom – and boy did they succeed!  Their were so many great pictures, it was so hard to choose just one for this sneak peak!  Stay tuned for their full post! 

Sneak Peak – Rob and Jess Family Session

Here’s a little sneak peak of the beautiful family I had the pleasure of photographing! Jess and Rob wanted it to be  Christmas themed session.  I photographed Miss Alyssa’s newborn session in August and I can’t believe how big she is already!  Stay tuned for their full post!

Remy William – 10 days new!

Mr Remy was WIDE AWAKE for our entire shoot!  Talk about an alert little guy!  He is a handsome little man already, and I can’t wait to watch him grow.  He is one lucky little guy because not only does he have an amazing mommy and daddy – but lots of family and friends out there that are already in love with him!!

Ashley and Derek’s Maternity Session

Talk about an easy session!  Every photo turned out amazing, it was so hard to choose only a few to put on here!  I guess when two people are so in love and as excited to have a baby as Ashley and Derek it shows right through to the pictures!  Baby Remy is due ANY DAY now and we can’t wait to meet him!

Sneak Peak – Ashley and Derek’s Maternity!

HOLY AWESOME SESSION!!!  My bests friends are models!  My oldest friends are having her first baby boy in only a matter of weeks!!!!  AHH!  Can I just tell you how rare two people like Ashley and Derek are… Since middle school we have all been by each others sides.  And the two of them have been in love since 8th grade! That’s right, you all heard me correctly – they have been together since 8th grade!!!  That stuff doesn’t happen – unless, of course, you are as in love as these two!  You can judge for yourself, but I think the results of this shoot make it easy – two beautiful people, totally in love, patiently waiting for the arrival of their people baby boy!!!

And because I couldn’t decide on just one!!!

Full post coming soon!

Little Miss Alyssa Marie!

To say I was excited about photographing Alyssa is an understatement! In reality it was a win, win for me – I got to visit with a girlfriend and also spend time with a beautiful little baby girl!  Even though she wasn’t feeling 100% she was a little trooper and stuck it out! This little one could be a model one day!